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Then, one by one, as many as is needed, see each bird fly to your ear in turn; listen to their song – each will sing a song of your true worth and beauty. Thanks again, both for the ritual and for your message. Subscribe to Damh’s Blog and free eNewsletter for blog articles, music news and concert dates. When ready say. Turn each of these new statements into an affirmation e.g. Watch as all the birds take flight and find their freedom – their flight is your flight. Blessings, M, Ha. The borage flattens. In preparation for the ritual, think long and hard about the key moments in your life when you were made to feel badly about yourself, about your talents or your appearance; the times when you were bullied or controlled and made to feel un worthy or unlovable. The Birds of Rhiannon are mentioned in two of the texts included in the collection of medieval Welsh tales known as The Mabinogion. Hear what each says and write these new, positive things about yourself down on paper. —The Mabinogi, Ram skulls I brought home from the fields. As if they we in the court with us. Their song was the most beautiful sound we had ever heard. Like Rhiannon’s story we can believe the lies that are told about us, re-tell those lies ourselves, and carry the burden of other’s projections upon us. …I am a daughter of the Goddess and as such I have marvellous gifts to share with the world: my talents and skills; my beauty; my experiences and knowledge; my love. The Birds of Rhiannon had arrived. from which the mind came. Hi Paul, of course! Change ). See Rhiannon before you surrounded by her beautiful birds. You may have trouble hearing positive things – these may not come to mind. Think about how each time this happened, it re-enforced a negative image of yourself, so much so, that you started to believe that this false image was actually you. Thank you! These were my Mother’s birds. As if they we in the court with us. All Rights Reserved. But I don’t think any experience of the Divine should exclude us because of our gender – we all struggle with difficulties in life that can hurt and damage us; we can all feel pain and low self-esteem. When I lean too close. I am so pleased that you found the ritual helpful and thank you so much for sharing the experience. What follows is a small ritual for the building of self-esteem for women, although with a little tweaking it could be adapted for men too. Katherine Robinson has an MFA from The John Hopkins University, and she lives and teaches in Baltimore. Write these events down on small strips of paper using key phrases that express the negative things they make you feel about yourself e.g. that night. The heaviest burden of all is the weight of our own self-criticism, our own lack of self-love and belief. See before you a cage of birds. I now choose to see myself through Rhiannon’s eyes. I guarantee you, she isn’t the kind of mother to make you “feel loved, beautiful, worthy and gifted because that is exactly what you are.” She’s the kind that tears you down to make you stronger, even if it leaves emotional scars. Settle yourself, close your eyes and turn inward. Rhiannon produces her "small bag" which is also a magical paradox for it cannot be filled by any ordinary means. Tags: Paganism, self-esteem, self-love, The Goddess. When the birds have finished singing their songs, thank them and now read what you have written. Blessed Be. the ones that rouse the dead and make the leaves, furred and fluted, chafe my neck. Rhiannon. I do hope you get something from the ritual. The Goddess Rhiannon was wrongly accused, driven to doubt herself and as a white mare, forced to carry all upon her back and tell, again and again, lies about herself to all who would listen. Actually, more like a dozen centuries of it…. Stumbled across this ritual today; would love to enact it, if it’s ok for men to be children of Rhiannon too? / It’s what we have, a rubric written in old / blood whose spirit of inclusion admits / the occasional invention, the apocryphal / goat at midnight, for one, who has broken / down the gate again, and wandered through... Amherst College Amherst College Press Amazon Literary Partnership Creative Commons © 2010 The Common. Bless you Christina! We had to gaze far out to see to catch sight of them, yet their song was clear and true. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I would be interested to hear how the ritual was for you. ( Log Out /  Reblogged this on goingdownforthethirdtimeorami. Reblogged this on Christina's Corner and commented: I am fat; I am ugly; I am stupid; I am unlovable etc. I wrote about Rhiannon with regard to women’s experience because being a woman myself and chatting with my female friends, I found that we had common experiences that were in some way linked to our gender. Being male, I decided to find an image of Rhiannon for my altar – a mirror would’nt have worked (I found a lovely one at Call upon the Birds of Rhiannon to sing in your ear; let each individual bird sing a new song of your worth and beauty. Living here in Wales as I do, it was great to be able to honour an indigenous Goddess! Remember, it is Rhiannon who speaks to you through her birds – she is your mother and you her daughter. Your critical voice might drown them out. I call upon the Birds of Rhiannon and ask that you come and sing your sweet and magical songs to me; sing to me of my true worth; sing to me of tender self-love and self-esteem; of a true and loving relationship with myself. In legend, Rhiannon was surrounded with a cloud of birds whose singing was so sweet and magical that it was said to raise the dead and send the living into a blissful sleep. Burn each slip of paper in the cauldron. ( Log Out /  Content © Damh the Bard 2020. to fill the watchful skull. Definitely not the kind of mother one would want, but one that helps you accept life as it comes, through hell and high waters, literally. ( Log Out /  I give these over to you Rhiannon to be transformed in your fires of love. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She shines in our hearts as … Never again will I doubt my value; never again will I let another lead me to doubt my worth. The Birds of Rhiannon. Hear their sweet music. As soon as we began the feast three birds came. When undergoing her penance, Rhiannon demonstrates the powers of a giantess, or the strength of a horse, by carrying travellers on her back. Her birds sang until the listener slept, memory lulled into a blankness. Rhiannon knows the pain of women: she has been within women the countless centuries when their talents have remained unused; when their bodies have been violated and brutalised; when their dreams have been crushed or ignored; when their beauty has been rejected and distorted and their experiences and perceptions of life have been deemed less worthy. Pick up the mirror from the altar and look at yourself. Wind barrels off the bay, clattering bones, as they held the living brain. We had to gaze far out to see to catch sight of them, yet their song was clear and true. Rhiannon’s birds can only sing sweet songs: everything they tell you about yourself will be loving. This is because we have become adept at putting ourselves down. See yourself move towards the cage, release the latch and open the door. ‘Dirty Old Women’ are thankfully few and far between!? If you have problems, ask Rhiannon for help; see yourself as a mother, telling her daughter how wonderful she is. Check out our birds of rhiannon selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Feel the exhilaration of this moment. If you keep this image of a loving mother talking to daughter, it becomes very hard to let in those negative judgements. The songs of Rhiannon’s birds are how she truly sees me. It was the first time I’ve ever sat down and written out all the harsh words spoken to me. by the stone steps. The peak of each wave on the ocean shone white in the sunlight, as if a million white horses galloped towards the shore. This is a beautiful ritual and exactly what I was needing. BRUCE BOND What you have heard is half true, half forgotten. She holds out her mirror. Do let me know. In this ritual, we are beginning to retrain ourselves in the art of self-love. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Thanks for reading!x. Close your eyes once more. I light Rhiannon’s fire of self-love in my heart. April 13, 2011 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized) the living sleep—to entertain me

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