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bc hydro outages

Check the outage map or list to see if we already know that your power is out. 4200 - 4600 block LIKELY HWY, 3300 - 4200 block OVERTON RD, 3000 - 3200 block PRITCHARD RD, LIKELY RD P275, 3088 GLEASON CRS, LIKELY RD P262A/4/14, SWANSON LAKE RD B, 2600 - 2900 block BEAVER LAKE RD, LIKELY RD P281, BIG LAKE RD P42... 0 block S THIRD AVE, 0 block S FOURTH AVE, North of MACLURE RD, East of MT LEHMAN RD, West of Hwy 11, North of PEARDONVILLE RD, South of NANAIMO CLS, West of MACLURE RD, East of CLEARBROOK RD, South of ATKINSON RD, East of INTERPROVINCIAL HWY, West of MAJUBA HILL RD, South of PLATEAU DR, West of MCCALLUM RD, East of ROSS RD, North of KING RD, West of NELSON AVE, South of NANAIMO CRS, East of COUNTESS ST, West of SUMAS MOUNTAIN RD, South of DAWSON RD, North of MCKEE RD, East of STRAITON RD, North of KILGARD RD, South of UPPER SUMAS MTN RD, West of SUMAS MOUNTAIN RD, East of SHADBOLT AVE, South of ATWOOD CRS, North of HIGH GROVE PLACE, West of LOST LAKE RD, South of UPPER SUMAS MTN RD, North of EMMERSON RD, 30400 - 31600 block DOWNES RD, 4000 block TOWNLINE RD, 29800 block MARSHALL EXT, 29600 - 30200 block MARSHALL RD, West of PARALLEL RD, North-South of ELDRIDGE RD, East of KILGARD RD, 29800 - 30200 block BURGESS AVE, 30100 block BURGESS, 36400 - 36500 block DAWSON RD, 4900 - 5000 block MATHERS WAY, East of FERN ST, West of POWELL CRS, South of MARSHALL RD, North of GILMOUR DR, MT LEHMAN RD TRAFFIC, 1900 block MT LEHMAN RD, South of BOUNDARY RD, East of ELDRIDGE RD, East of TOLMIE RD, South of YARROW CENTRAL RD, East of 230TH ST, North of 40TH AVE, South of 82ND AVE, West of BEATTY RD, North of 0 AVE, East of 264TH ST, West of BRADNER RD, South of FRASER HWY, North of Trans Can , South of 80TH AVE, West of LEFEUVRE RD, East of 258TH ST, North of LEFEUVRE RD, South of RIVER RD, West of DYKE RD, East of 272ND ST, North of 84TH AVE, East of 272ND ST, South-West of RIVER RD, Abbotsford, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, North of 88TH AVE, West of REEDAL ST, South of 124TH AVE, East of LOUGHEED HWY, West of MT LEHMAN RD, East of 272ND ST, North of TOWNSHIPLINE RD, South of RIVER RD, West of BEHARRELL RD, East of MT LEHMAN RD, South of ABB MISSION HWY, North of NANAIMO CRS, 5000 block SUNNYSIDE, 5000 block SUNNYSIDE RD, West of ALPHA AVE, East of DOUGLAS RD, North of STILL CREEK DR, South of LOUGHEED HWY, 9800 block CAMERON ST, 3400 block NORTH RD, West of NELSON AVE, East of MCKERCHER AVE, South of GRANGE ST, North of KINGSWAY, South-East of WAYBURNE DR, West of GARDEN GROVE DR, North of CEDARGLEN PL, East of BUCKINGHAM AVE, South-West of CANADA WAY, North of GORDON AVE, East of GORING ST, North of ROY ST, South-West of LOUGHEED HWY, South-East of WEDGEWOOD ST, North-West of 19TH AVE, West of COLBROOK CRT, East of GATENBY AVE, North of GILPIN ST, South of IVAR PL, 4800 block BESSBOROUGH DR, 4800 block ETON ST, West of GILMORE AVE, North of PARKER ST, South of VENABLES ST, East of MACDONALD AVE, South of MONTCLAIR ST, East of BROADWAY , West of CAMROSE AVE, North of PHILLIPS AVE, 5400 - 5500 block FRANCES ST, 500 - 600 block HOWARD AVE, 7500 block CANADA WAY, 7700 block 15TH AVE, North of AUSTIN AVE, East of NORTH RD, South of REGAN AVE, West of TOWNLEY ST, East of HOPEDALE RD, South of PRAIRIE CENTRAL RD, West of ELKVIEW RD, North of CHILLIWACK LAKE RD, South-East of YALE RD, West of GIBSON RD, North of TRANS CANADA HWY, South of S SUMAS RD, North of DEER RUN, East of TOLMIE RD, North of VENTURE PL, East of PROGRESS WAY, West of AITKEN RD, South of GRAND VIEW DR, East of LAKESHORE DR, South-West of COLUMBIA VALLEY RD, South of YALE RD, East of WOODBINE ST, North of 1ST AVE, West of COOTE ST, North of CUMBERLAND AVE, East of UNSWORTH RD, South of SOUTH SUMAS RD, West of CARTER RD, North of EDWARDS RD, East of PRIVATE RD , West of FARNHAM RD, South of CHURCHILL PKY, North of INDUSTRIAL WAY, West of PROGRESS WAY, South of PRAIRIE CENTRAL RD, North of ELK VIEW RD, East of PREST RD, West of HINKLEY RD, North of SLESSE RD, East of HALEY RD, South of SOLWAY RD, West of BENCH RD, West of EVANS RD, North of SUMAS CENTRAL RD, East of LICKMAN RD, South of TRANS CANADA HWY, South of JASPER DR, East of SUNSHINE DR, North-West of HAIG DR, 7100 - 7300 block RAMSAY PL, 6900 - 7100 block MARBLE HILL RD, North of TRETHEWEY AVE, East of BIRCH ST, West of YOUNG RD, South of CHESTERFIELD AVE, 50100 - 50200 block ELK VIEW RD, 49900 - 50200 block LOOKOUT RD, 7400 block LEARY CRES, 7400 block LEARY CRS, East of CHILLIWACK RIVER RD, South-West of HAKWELES RD, North of SMOKEHOUSE RD, South of STEVENSON RD, North-East of CHILLIWACK RIVER RD, West of PREST RD, 8700 block CHWK MTN RD, 8700 block CHILLIWACK MOUNTAIN RD, North-South-West of TESKEY WAY, East of HUDSON RD, East of YOUNG RD, West of CHAPMAN RD, North of CHILLIWACK CENTRAL RD, South of LOUGHEED HWY, East of TRANS CANADA HWY, West of MUNDY ST, North of LOUGHEED HWY, South of BLANTYRE AVE, North of STEWART AVE, East of BLUE MOUNTAIN ST, West of NELSON ST, South of ROCHESTER AVE, South of LEMAX RD, East of FERRIS ST, North of HAVERSLEY AVE, West of HICKEY ST, 2400 block DAWES HILL RD, 2400 block CAPE HORN AVE, 900 block WINSLOW AVE, 900 block FLOYD AVE, North of KINGSWAY AVE, West of FREMONT ST, East of LOUGHEED HWY, South of DORSET AVE, North of GREENMOUNT AVE, West of SOBALL ST, East of BLUFF DR, South of LESTON AVE, South of BELGRAVE WAY, North of ROAD B , West of DERWENT WAY, East of CHESTER RD, 800 - 900 block 53A ST, 5300 block 9TH AVE, East of 115TH ST, South of 84B AVE, North of 84 AVE, West of 116TH ST, North of NECHAKO DR, West of DUNLOP RD, East of SHEAVES RD, South of MAIN ST, North of 73A AVE, West of 112A ST, South of GLENBROOK PL, East of 112TH ST, 8A AVE & 54TH ST XWALK, 5300 block 8A AVE, North of BURNS DR, West of HWY 91 , East of 62B ST, South of DYKE RD, South of MERSEY DR, West of HWY 99 , East of GILBERT RD, West of HEADLANDS RD, East of COCHRANE RD, North of FRANKLIN RD, South of DOUGALL RD, 600 block GOWER POINT RD, 200 - 300 block COCHRANE RD, East of FLOOD HOPE , West of TOM BERRY RD, South of LOUGHEED HWY.

4395, 552-555,558-560,563,564,567,568 ,570, Stay back and dial 911. Get answers to questions about paying your bill, rates, moving your account and more. Get started. Burnaby. 4382,4383,4386,4387,4390,4391,4394

BC Hydro. The warning notes that the high winds may toss loose objects or cause tree branches to break. If it's down, it's a danger. Crews will be working around the clock to restore power, but we anticipate some customers will be without power overnight, especially in the Duncan area, which was hit …

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