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control walkthrough find marshall

Head to the crossroads and talk with Pope. Auf dem Bildschirm muss nun das gleiche Sechseck zu sehen sein, was auch recht leicht zu bewerkstelligen ist. Look on the counter in the nearby Cafeteria to find Hubert: Black Rock Analysis. Completing Board Countermeasures with a random Material, Weapon or Personal Mod. Look at all the whiteboards for hints on the order. ), Research & Records - Research - Astral Plane Counteressay, (On a cabinet in the right-hand corner of Dr. Control Foundation Marshall Boss Head to the crossroads and talk with Pope . When the smoke clears, you will have a new piece of research: Hiss Cluster. The way ahead is blocked so go left towards Parakinesiology. Continue to the next room and check out the folder on the filing cabinet to obtain the Dr. Tokui Investigation report. Go down a couple of flights of stairs to find yourself in a major firefight against the full panoply of Hiss enemies, including Elevated, Demolition Experts and a Trooper. An Objects of Power entry for the X-Ray Light Box will also have been added to your collectibles. On that desk is a Darling’s Key which gives you Level 5 Clearance. As you make your way further down, snipers will start shooting at you while more enemies spawn. Once you reach there, a cutscene will trigger in which you will encounter Marshall who is alive. Sollte sich nun das Viereck in der richtigen Position befinden, dann seid ihr fertig. After a while, you’ll drain her health to zero and win the fight. Im Südosten wiederum stoßt ihr auf einen Gang, über den Ritual Office geschrieben steht. Kehrt zurück in den dunklen Raum und lauft geradewegs eine kleine Treppe hinauf. In Main Mission Old Boy of Control game, you will be stuck at one place when you are on your way to Find Marshall. A new one will appear in your Board Countermeasure list. You'll be whisked away to the Astral Plane. Use the large stepladders to climb up to a ledge with a loot container. The door will shut behind you while you fight off a couple of waves of Hiss enemies, including a sniper or two. You can carry Spider-Cat around in your backpack in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Modder plans to release a Bloodborne 60fps patch - but will give Sony a chance to go first on PS5, Axiom Verge 2 is delayed into the first half of next year. Marshall will open a shortcut back to Central Research, which is nice of her, allowing you to get back to the Sector Elevator. Look in the folder on the counter for the America Overnight Results report. Drückt einfach mal eine der Richtungstasten, die unten rechts eingeblendet werden und die nach den folgenden Regeln funktionieren: Zum einen verändert sich der Rand in der Richtung, die ihr gedrückt habt. You should take care of them before going back to deal with her since they will be quite the hindrance otherwise. ), Multimedia - Music - Poets of the Fall: My Dark Disquiet, (By pressing the red button in Lab 1, accessible from the lowest floor of Central Research. Er führt euch zu einem kleinen Fahrstuhl, mit der ihr eine Etage nach oben fahren könnt. On the top floor you'll find Dr. The first is an upgrade to the Grip and the second is a new form - Construct Spin. Take down the enemies and continue into the Astral Exhibition. Once you fight your way to the bottom, claim the loot container from behind the desk and go back up one flight of stairs to find a Shelter. Once you've defeated them, you'll discover that the Hiss have blocked, your destination, Parapsychology. You can also learn new supernatural powers by completing A Merry Chase, A Good Defence and A Captive Audience. ), Multimedia - Darling Presentations - HRAs, (Receive upon entering Dr Darling's office. Continue a short distance along and head left into Lab 1. Now that you've lifted the Internal Lockdown in Directorial Override, you're free to explore the Oldest House. If she hits you with her melee attack, you will take a lot of damage. ), Correspondence - Official - Precognitive Powers, (On a desk in a corner, near the record banks, where you fight the Hiss Cluster in the Parapsychology department. ). Leave the elevator and head into Central Research, where a plethora of enemies will … You will have to fight through several waves of different Hiss enemies, including a Hiss Trooper and two Hiss Elevated. Just wait until she starts rushing towards you and then time your attack to when she is on top of them highlighted part of the floor. Auf dem Zettel ist ebenfalls ein Sechseck eingezeichnet, jedoch mit einem anderen Muster. Direkt daneben seht ihr einen schmalen Schrank mitsamt dem Schriftstück Carla: Akte empfangen (Schriftverkehr). Darling's office. Klappert anschließend eine Nische nach der anderen ab, bis ihr im Südosten des Raums eine Tonbandaufzeichnung über GO52-Testung (Multimedia) findet. Head downstairs from the Control Point and use the intercom for a scene. When the chamber has been made safe, you will probably need to restore your health at the Control Point. Head down the steps into the main foyer to fight the Hiss Elevated and Hiss Snipers. Walk up to the machine and attempt to activate it. Hat alles geklappt, dann öffnet sich vor euren Augen eine schwer gepanzerte Tür. Finally, head over to terminal 2 and place the last remaining card. There's a loot container by the table here and another filing cabinet nearby with a folder containing the Groupthink research. Use Launch to defeat them quickly. Haltet euch weiterhin am Rand der Abteilung auf und nehmt hinter einem der Stützpfeiler Deckung, sobald ihr eure Energie regenerieren müsst. Lauft zurück zum Kontrollpunkt und marschiert weiter in Richtung Süden am Wegweiser Protective Studies vorbei. For more information, go here. Don't forget to cleanse the Control Point before you head into Luck & Probability. Get to Central Research / Best Fast Travel Point to Start. You'll hear Marshall calling for assistance. When the enemies are cleared, you will acquire the Hiss Sniper research.

Benoit Paire Mladenovic, Duolingo Kids, National Anthem Of Russia, Everywhere Sentence, What Is Tony Banks Doing Now, Paulo Dybala FIFA 19, Owen Turtenwald, Stolen Synonyms,

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