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joint sponsor income requirements

If you (sponsor) are on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and the immigrant you are sponsoring is your spouse or child, your income only needs to equal 100% of the U.S. poverty level for your household size. The sponsor (US citizen/green card holder) makes this commitment to the US government by completing and signing the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. Therefore, this sponsor would include an additional Form I-864A with the household member’s (spouse’s) information. There are a few ways this form can be tackled: What happens if my sponsor becomes unemployed after submitting the I-864? It seems simple, but it can become technical. Section 213(a) of the INA requires an affidavit of support. All joint sponsors can expect to have financial obligations to pay back any welfare that an alien they signed for receives. A Joint Sponsor, also known as Co-Sponsor, is an individual who agrees to sign the affidavit of support on behalf of a primary sponsor to use his or her income to help the sponsor meet the income requirements. When you file a petition for immigration to the United States, there are many different requirements that you must meet to prove that you are eligible to become a permanent resident and receive a green card. The joint sponsor (or the joint sponsor and his or her household) must reach the 125% income requirement alone. Even if one or more I-864 affidavits are submitted for an intending immigrant, the petitioning sponsor remains legally accountable for the financial support of the sponsored immigrant along with the joint sponsors. A joint sponsor must: Be a US citizen Be at least 18 years old Be living in the US Have annual income of at least 125% of the federal poverty level (FPL) But don’t despair yet; if income is no longer sufficient because of a change, the intending immigrant can ask for additional time to find additional income or for the sponsor to find a new job. [2020], Marriage Green Card – Complete Step-by-Step Guide [2020]. have to be related to the petitioning sponsor or the intending immigrant. There can be no more than two joint sponsors. © Copyright 2013-2020, CitizenPath, LLC. Generally, U.S. citizens who petition for their spouses, step-children, and / or parents must file an Affidavit of support form which requires that they meet certain income requirements. Not all benefits come under the “public charge” category, for example non-cash assistance such as Medicaid and unemployment compensation, although this is an area where there have been recent proposed changes. The income requirements will be higher for residents of Alaska and Hawaii as compared to residents of the 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. gives you licensed immigration attorney review, online preparation, affordable fees and same day filing with USCIS. People ask us all the time how to fill out the I-864 as a joint sponsor. Active military need only be 100 percent of the federal poverty level, and the levels are different for Alaska and Hawaii. Form I-864P, HHS Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support, Have an annual income of at least 125% of the federal poverty level, Any children you have under the age of 21, Any other dependents you claimed on your most recent Federal income tax return, All lawful permanent residents you are currently sponsoring, All lawful permanent residents you are applying to sponsoring. Surrenders his or her green card or leaves the United States; Receives a new green card after being placed in removal proceedings. A Joint Sponsor must meet all the same requirements as you, except the Joint Sponsor does not need to be related to the immigrant. RECOMMENDED: When do my obligations under Form I-864 end? Your annual income as a sponsoring spouse is the same figure you reported on your U.S. federal (not state), In case you do not meet the income requirements to sponsor your. Willing to accept legal responsibility for supporting you by filing Form I-864. A joint sponsor can be anyone willing to share the legal responsibility for financially supporting the intending immigrant with sponsor that meets the following requirements: * Unlike sponsor, joint sponsor does NOT have to be related to the intending immigrant. 7 Steps to Apply for a Green Card from Outside the United States, Supreme Court Clears the Way for a Restrictive, New Public Charge Rule, Reestablish U.S. Domicile When Filing Form I-864.

Switching jobs frequently or losing a job will place the intending immigrant in a “high risk” category, which may lead to a request for evidence or simply a denied visa. For assets to work, they must equal at least five times the difference between a sponsor’s total household income and the 125 percent mark. If the petitioning sponsor does not meet the income requirements, a joint sponsor who can meet the requirements may submit a Form I-864 to sponsor your immigrant spouse. If income is too low, then assets may be used, but assets must equal 5 times the difference between the joint sponsor’s income and the minimum required income. A joint sponsor must meet all the same requirements as you, except the joint sponsor does not need to be related to the immigrant. The household member uses this form to promise to make his or her income and/or assets available to help support sponsored immigrants. USCIS has created this affidavit in the form of the I-864. A U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident sponsoring a foreign spouse needs to assure the U.S. government that the immigrant spouse will be financially supported if needed. Form I-864 is included with SimpleCitizen. SelfLawyer gives you licensed immigration attorney review, online preparation, affordable fees and same day filing with USCIS. Your access to and use of this site is subject to additional Terms of Use. One of the major concerns of the US government while considering family-based immigration, is whether the immigrant spouse will have enough financial resources to live in the U.S., without needing help from the government. Each one of these individuals must be over 18 years of age. He or she must: The joint sponsor is held jointly liable with the petitioner for the support of the intending immigrant. take on any responsibility for the intending immigrant’s tax liabilities or private debt, such as personal or student loans, medical bills, credit cards, etc.

A joint sponsor can be any person who is: A joint sponsor must meet all the same financial requirements as a principal sponsor. See the, for a list of each type of benefit and whether a joint sponsor would be liable for reimbursement. If your claimed income includes alimony, child support, dividend or interest income, welfare, or income from any other source, you mayalso include evidence of that income. This means you can jointly use the income of your relatives living in your residence. To qualify, an asset must be convertible into cash within one year without being too difficult for the owner.

You’ll see this further in the article. So we decided to definitively answer this question in this detailed guide. These income requirements vary based on the size of one’s household, and … For a spouse who will sign the Affidavit of Support for a marriage-based green card, the minimum annual income requirement is $21,550. You cannot combine your income with that of a Joint Sponsor to meet the income requirement. He or she does not have to be related to the petitioning sponsor or the intending immigrant. Form I-864A (Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member) is a separate form. As you can clearly understand from the tables above, the income requirements for a sponsor vary with the size of the household members. The joint sponsor must fill out an additional I-864. A joint sponsor’s income must independently be equal to 125 percent of the federal poverty level. Can I Use a Joint Sponsor for a Filipina Fiance Visa? Not all cases allow the use of joint sponsors. A joint sponsor’s spouse would count as his or her household member. You may also add assets that include items like a house or a second vehicle, only if you can sell it. These household members and dependents are also required to complete and sign Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member. Most immigrants enter the country on a family-sponsored visa. Print the PDF and fill by hand with black pen. So, once financial sponsors have counted the people in their household, added up their annual income, and made the calculation to determine whether their income is at least 125 percent of the federal poverty level, they might find that their income just isn’t over 125 percent, no matter how it’s calculated.

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