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refugee statistics

In particular, the European Commission offers Member States continued financial support under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Persons may however apply for international protection in more than one Member State in a given reference year. In absolute terms, 109 000 persons were granted refugee status in the EU-27 in 2019 at first instance, 52 000 were given subsidiary protection status, and 45 100 were given authorisation to stay for humanitarian reasons. The annual list tracks the places where Christians face the worst persecution. An analysis tool that contains data on forcibly dis­placed and stateless populations, their demo­graphy The way people come also affects the way statistics are reported. Planned article update: mid-March 2021 and late April 2021 (parts on applications by unaccompanied minors and final decisions). World refugee statistics for 2018 was 25,899,611.00, a 2.06% increase from 2017. A number of directives in this area have been developed. Since 2008 data have been provided to Eurostat under the provisions of Article 4 of Regulation (EC) 862/2007; most of the statistics presented in this article were collected within this regulatory framework. UNHCR was launched on a shoestring annual budget of US$300,000 in 1950. However, the applied methodology defines that final decisions should refer to what is effectively a final decision in the vast majority of cases: in other words, once all normal routes of appeal have been exhausted and there is no possibility to appeal on the substance of the decision but only on procedural grounds. Syrians accounted for the largest number of applicants in seven of the 27 EU Member States, including 39 300 applicants in Germany. Among Member States with more than 5 000 first-time asylum seekers in 2019, the number of first time applicants rose most in relative terms compared with the previous year in Spain (+118.4 %, or 62 400 more first-time asylum seekers in 2019 than in 2018), Cyprus (+66.8 %, or 5 100 more), ahead of Sweden (+27.9 %, or 5 000 more), Belgium (+27.4 %, or 5 000 more), Greece (+15.3 %, or 9 900 more), the Netherlands (+9.9 %, or 2 000 more) and France (+7.6 %, or 8 500 more). This page includes asylum statistics in Australia for people seeking asylum living in the community, including those who come by plane (plane arrivals) and those who come by boat (boat arrivals). The statistics are based on administrative sources and are supplied to Eurostat by statistical authorities, home office ministries/ministries of the interior or related immigration agencies in the EU Member States. Afghans accounted for 8.6 % of the total number of first-time asylum applicants and Venezuelans for 7.3 %, while Colombians and Iraqis for 5.2 % and 4.4 %, respectively. However, there were a few exceptions to this pattern: Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria and Poland reported a higher proportion of asylum applicants less than 18 years old. 70 years of statistical activities. Our annual budget rose to more than US$1 billion in the early 1990s and reached a new annual high of US$8.6 billion in 2019. In 2019, the number of Syrian first-time asylum applicants in the EU-27 fell to 74 400 from 80 000 in 2018, while the share of Syrians in the EU-27 total dropped from 14.6 % to 12.1 %. First instance decisions are decisions granted by the respective authority acting as a first instance of the administrative/judicial asylum procedure in the receiving country. 2013: Austria not available. Figure 8 provides an analysis of the outcome of first instance decisions. Only five Member States recorded higher rates: Romania (34.5 %), Cyprus (46.9 %), Slovakia (69.8 %), Bulgaria (71.8 %) and Slovenia (80.2 %). The EASO became fully operational in June 2011 and has worked to increase its capacity, activity and influence, working with the European Commission and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Top Refugee Statistics Nearly one in 100 people worldwide have been pushed out of their homes due to war or political instability. Source: Eurostat (online data code: migr_asyappctza). Between 1986 and 2007, data on asylum was collected on the basis of a gentlemen’s agreement. We have supplemented this with data provided through Senate estimates. Among them are nearly 26 million refugees, around half of whom are under the age of 18. Conversely, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Czechia and Hungary each recorded a share of positive first instance decisions between 19.7 % (Italy) and 8.5 % (Hungary). There are fewer statistics on people who came by plane. For up to date information about UNHCR’s financial needs visit our Global Focus website. 612 700 first-time asylum seekers applied for international protection in the Member States of the EU-27 in 2019. We have provided a few examples below that you can copy and paste to your site: Your image export is now complete. The Hague programme was adopted by heads of state and government on 5 November 2004. Consult statistics on appeals of certain immigration-related matters. How long are... New documents obtained by the Refugee Council of Australia through freedom of information (FOI) show that only one third of people in Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program are referred by UNHCR. It covers displaced populations such as refugees, asylum-seekers and with 1.8 million, including Venezuelans displaced abroad. A report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) earlier this year revealed that the global number of forcefully displaced people is the highest recorded since World War II. With 142 400 applicants registered in 2019, Germany accounted for 23.3 % of all first-time applicants in the EU-27. 2727514. Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees, with 3.6 million people. Data on some 4.2 million stateless people residing in 76 countries was reported at the end of The distribution of first-time asylum applicants by sex shows that more men (61.9 %) than women (38.1 %) were seeking asylum. (²) 2008: Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Slovakia and Finland not available. We are funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions, with 86 per cent from governments and the European Union. Additionally, we receive a limited subsidy (one per cent) from the UN budget for administrative costs, and accept in-kind contributions, including items such as tents, medicines and trucks. Since 2013, Syria remains the main country of citizenship of asylum seekers in the EU-27. So when for example a major displacement crisis erupts, we can predict how many people need help, what kind of help they need and how many staff we must deploy. Please check your download folder. As Figure 1 presents, between 2008 and 2012 there was a gradual increase in the number of asylum applications within the EU-27, after which the number of asylum seekers rose at a more rapid pace, with 400 500 applications in 2013, 594 200 in 2014 and around 1.3 million in 2015. Among the youngest age group (0–13 years), males accounted for 51.2 % of the total number of applicants in 2019. UNHCR's Refugee Statistics is a database containing information about forcibly displaced populations, spanning across almost 70 years of statistical activities.

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